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A Real Love Story

We want your day to be everything you have ever dreamt of. It really is that simple.


Imagine the scene.  You have spent the morning surrounded by your favourite people, all busying round and making you feel like a million dollars. It"s your day to be the centre of attention.  As the time nears, you put the finishing touches to your impeccable makeup, curl and fix the tendrils in your hair and take a deep breath.

Then, as a brief moment of nerves creep in, around the corner pulls the iconic VW Camper ~  Betsy ~ her paintwork gleaming in the sun, her chrome work polished to a mirror like finish, adorned with ribbons to match your chosen colour scheme, embellished on the dashboard with flowers to add that perfect detailing. Its like she is smiling, and the driver certainly is.

Its your moment. Take it in.

Greeted by your driver, the double doors swing open, and your carriage awaits. It"s spacious, it"s luxurious, and all yours for your day.

Time for a chilled Champagne? It certainly is...

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Adjusting the Bride's Hair
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